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Looking into your mobile device management! Your employees may be remote workers or digital nomads and they can offer more value to your business when they’re enabled efficiently.

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Effective Business Operations through mobile device management

With the prevalence of smartphone devices being used in business, it is a constant worry for business owners, IT Managers and other senior management as to how to manage these devices. Security is of utmost importance and company sensitive data and email needs to be protected.

BOM can implement N-Able’s MDM (Mobile Device Management) software which delivers corporate control of company iPhones, iPads and Android devices.

Key Features:


Remotely wipe lost devices. Track device location via GPS


Enforce security protocols. Track and report on mobile assets


Alert when the warranty on the mobile device is about to expire


Standardise and preconfigure devices for fast and easy provisioning

The following actions can be performed with mobile device management from N-able:


Invite mobile devices through email, SMS, or CVS Import


Send messages. Reset passcodes. Wipe. Lock. Tracking enable/disable


Mark as lost/found. Apply profile. Show location

Asset Discovery:


Manufacturer, model, serial number and IMEI. OS and version


Battery charge. Disk usage. Warranty. Last scan time. Network carrier


Phone number. Network type. Data roaming status. Voice roaming status. Applications installed

Reports and charts can be generated that show:


Battery usage. Disk usage. Device composition (iOS or Android)


Version composition. Manufacturer composition


Model composition. Device listing

Digital Nomads

Traditional workplace hours of 9am to 5pm are now only the norm for a minority of workers.

A YouGov survey found that just 6% of people in the UK now work such hours. Almost half of people worked flexibly with arrangements such as job sharing or compressed hours, allowing them to juggle other commitments.

What our clients say

Throughout our 60 years we have helped our clients succeed through IT and Technology, covering a variety of traditional and modern business models across such industries as global catering, protection insurance and SAAS companies.

Thank you to all the team at BOM for all your efforts in getting us successfully moved on the 22nd of December 2018

The BOM Team did a brilliant job on the day, which was made possible by your organisation and engineers input and navigation on the test run shutdown.

So many things could have gone wrong, but it went superbly well and we have been operating successfully from the new site.

James Legg, I.T. Manager  Apec Braking
James Legg, I.T. Manager

As a company we have tried several IT management companies and find they have a delayed responses, never seem to have the answers or it is something you are doing wrong, however since we started using BOM earlier this year they have proven me wrong.

BOM are very responsive generally well under an hour, polite their phone manner is friendly yet professional, helpful and do not make you feel silly for not knowing even some of the simple things as we are not all IT geniuses surprisingly. I have also found with BOM that even after your problem is resolved this is not the end of their care as a day or so later they will make contact to check everything is still ok, and even Katie makes contact unprovoked most weeks to check how things are which is above and beyond all other companies we have used. I would highly recommend BOM for any IT needs, Abbie at Sovereign Fire & Security.


Having a support company that has built and designed our IT infrastructure is a benefit that is hard to overlook.

Because they know our infrastructure so well the response time is great, every time we log the ticket, BOM is able to identify and solve the problem in a timely manner.

I can’t speak highly enough about the all the engineers from BOM. They are always very, helpful friendly and would go an extra mile to fix not only any existing issues but also point any potential problems that could arise in the future.

RSG  Slawek

The engineers at BOM are always friendly and happy to help. No matter how trivial some issues are they always ensure that you are happy with the end result. BOM are also very reactive to an issues that arise and problems are normally sorted within hours.

Otto  Avent

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