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Mobile Computing with BOM Bristol

In a constantly moving world, how mobile are you?

Mobile devices are everywhere, and there are more on the way.

The number of mobile devices worldwide is in the billions

    • 29% of workers use three or more devices
    • 80% of workers admit they use non-approved apps at work
    • 67% of workers who use a smartphone at work chose it themselves
    • 70% of workers who use a tablet for work chose it themselves


With more people than ever on the move, work is no longer a ‘place’ but an activity. Today’s businesses should be able to offer their employees round-the-clock access to all of the applications they need to do their jobs on any device. However, the sheer volume of devices and the scale of mobility can make this a daunting prospect.

Not sure where to begin?

BOM can help you with every aspect of the planning, implementation and support of mobile solutions.

We know each industry has distinctly different needs and some organisations may find it more challenging than others to evolve into a truly mobile enterprise.

BOM have strong capabilities to manage user identity, devices, and data protection—all to help address three constants requirements: empowering users, protecting data, and controlling costs and resources.

Explore your mobile management options

To understand more about current mobile management solutions, download the following ebook: ems-controlling-the-uncontrollable

To discuss your organisation’s mobile management strategy, contact BOM on 01275 890100 or email:

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