The BOM Approach To Cloud

BOM were at the forefront of this now ubiquitous technology, offering cloud services long before the term was commonly used. With so many years of experience in building cloud services, we believe no one is better placed to advise and support customers on their business needs in the complex world of cloud.

Bristol Cloud Support

We have a wide range of services to meet any customers’ needs and budget. Whether you are looking for assistance in building public, private or hybrid cloud set-ups; disaster recovery, business continuity, or back-up – BOM can offer access to enterprise level hardware, software, and applications on an SME’s budget.

What’s more, as an accredited Microsoft Partner, BOM offer and support a growing collection of integrated services via both Office 365 and the Azure cloud platform. We can help your business grow with access to enterprise level analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking and storage – as well as the famous Microsoft suite, whenever and wherever you need them.

What does this mean…

Ultimately, at BOM, we understand that when it comes to IT, most businesses just want it to “work.” That’s why our approach gives you access to your data and applications as and when you need them, without you having to worry about how things are maintained behind the scenes. You simply purchase the IT service you require as you would any other utility, and it’s yours to use as you wish.


Managed Services

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