As organisations expand, so do the demands on their IT infrastructure. The result is often a complex and costly environment to manage. Organisations can now do more with less through Virtualisation – a cutting edge solution available from BOM.

A virtual infrastructure allows the management of hundreds of servers from a central location, eliminates scheduled downtime and enables the dynamic movements of workloads. By using virtual infrastructure technologies organisations can utilise their existing and/or new hardware and achieve more, lowering IT costs through increased efficiency, flexibility and responsiveness.

Save up to 80% by managing your existing IT hardware and a virtual infrastructure.

For example, let’s look at an IT infrastructure with 100 servers, all running at around 20% of utilisation (which is an industry agreed figure for typical Intel server utilisation); with a virtual infrastructure, this environment could typically be consolidated to 20 servers that run multiple applications and operating systems, enabling numerous virtual server units to exist on a physical server without conflict. The same level of service is achieved - it's simply doing more with less.

Virtualisation can use your existing hardware!

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As a virtualisation specialist BOM IT Solutions have the credentials and experience to help you implement a virtual infrastructure and exploit the benefits of virtualisation. As always we would be delighted to discuss your learning requirements in the first instance so please contact us to find out what further support is available to you or your organisation.

BOM IT Solutions are virtualisation specialists

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