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BOM's Managed Service provides a flexible and proactive approach either assisting those responsible for IT who are drawn away from their core role in your business or in place of larger support IT teams and their associated costs. BOM’s Managed Services delivers access to the full extent of BOM's highly qualified and field-experienced IT specialists without any of the costs associated with employment, training and office overheads.

During a recent review of competitor offerings and as part of our constant review improvement processes we evolved a new business model which can cover the challenges of proactive management and administration of Networks plus IT support for all businesses at all levels.

Anti-virus measures & currency
Ensures that your virus protection is optimised and current
Data backup and restoration assurance
Ensures that backups are carried out, that system restore data is viable and capable of a full system rebuild
Hardware and network optimisation
Ensures that your network is up to the job demanded of it and that it is working at its best

Our Managed Service platform seamlessly connects all technologies removing the headaches of IT support and in some cases avoiding the large upfront capital costs associated with developing your own IT teams or personnel.

Tailored Support Service

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  • Tailored to your business

A more comprehensive service than a Support Contract, enhanced Managed Service has more of a preventative focus, where the aim is to avoid problems arising. A BOM engineer will work remotely or sometimes even on-site periodically (as agreed with customer at outset of the Managed Service) to carry out routine administration tasks such as security patches, critical updates and service packs which are required to maintain your network’s efficiency, reliability and security. In many respects, they are a bit like your own IT department.

In many respects, they are a bit like your own IT department

BOM’s Managed Support service is tailored to your business requirements, ranging from half a day a month to a full day per week if necessary.

With the advanced remote monitoring tools available from our services, BOM can act on a proactive basis for IT systems. Instead of waiting for a fault to occur, we are able to do everything in our power to prevent a fault from occurring in the first place and ensuring that, should the worst happen, your system is properly prepared to facilitate a full recovery.

A more comprehensive service than a traditional break fix support, Managed Support Services has more of a preventative focus, where the aim is to avoid problems arising. At BOM our experienced technical staff will work on-site or remotely on a regular basis to carry out any routine IT tasks required. The safeguards in place will check that backups are working, update Endpoint Protection measures and optimises overall system performance. In many respects, they are a bit like your own IT department. Why don’t you let us visit and talk about the current portfolio and how we can potentially help your business.

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